More Than Your Average Editing Service


I take the word ‘services’ in my company name very seriously – and I always approach my clients and their needs with an attitude of Service – to serve.

What is an Editor?

First and foremost, an editor is a Reader’s Advocate – my job is to help you fine-tune your writing for the readability of your audience.

Types of Editing

Just because something is grammatically correct, doesn’t mean it makes sense.

Depending on the source, there are anywhere from four to ten types of editing. I will list the types of editing which I offer.


I set my fees in alignment with other professional editor’s associations such as the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA).

  • (A NON-Refundable retainer fee and contract are required before starting any projects.)
  • Want to know what to pay a writer?  Fee structure for Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA)

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My manuscripts have become stronger and tighter since Linda got her hands on them and did her magic with her editing without changing any of the messaging in my writing.

Her skills with language from a writing standpoint are outstanding.

Best regards,

Marcy Luccock (Ph.d Candidate)


I wish to acknowledge Linda Wall, local poet, friend and editor, for her dedication to taking my poems and turning them into a book called Love Poems.

I am grateful for her kindness and generosity, as well as countless hours of love and support.

Carolyn Tytor, author of Life Poems, and Love Poems


International Editing Services SM is here to serve the academic and emerging writer communities all over the globe.

“No matter where you are in the world, you’re only a click away from International Editing Services SM.”

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Office hours – joke


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