Past Projects

Helping other writers see their ideas, life or words in print is the motivation and purpose for International Editing Services SM. Editing and publishing is our passion.

Whether you want to share your life story with family and friends, or have a larger book project that needs to be seen, heard and read by a much wider audience, you’ve come to the right place.


According to Merriam-Webster a chapbook is a small book containing ballads, poems, tales, or tracts formerly sold by chapmen or peddlers, shortened from chap(man) book, so called because chapmen once sold such books on the street. Generally, chapbooks are about 32 pages.


Watching Big Brother Chapbook

This chapbook is a collection of essays (formerly letters to the editor published both locally, provincially and nationally in mainstream and alternative media).

Previously published by New Name Press, International Editing Services SM retained the publishing rights for future editions through Fourth Dimension Publishing™. Reprint coming soon.

Watching Big Brother – front cover

Angel Advice

Fourth Dimension Publishing™ is the publisher on record for Angel Advice – has saved many a life – mine included by Val Clemont. (Image unavailable)

Our main task was handling the legal registrations: CIP (Cataloguing in Publication) Data  and the ISBN (International Standard of Book Numbering) for the author.


With today’s technology – computers and the Internet – writers and publishers can be half way around the world from one another and still ‘meet’ and have a productive and successful working relationship.

La Personne de Dieu (The Person of God)

Written and published in the author’s native language of French, the project consisted of typesetting, editing, all legal registrations, cover design to print-ready. Amani Tshimenga lives in the Congo and we collaborated solely through the internet. Published by Fourth Dimension Publishing

La Personne de Dieu – front and back covers


The Dance of Intimacy

This 97-page book is a collection of romantic poems written over a twenty year period.

The Dance of Intimacy – front and backcovers

It’s so satisfying to get emails from clients saying that the work International Editing Services SM did for them met or exceeded their expectations.

I set my fees in alignment with other professional associations such as the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA).

  • (A NON-Refundable retainer fee and contract are required before starting any projects.)
  • Want to know what to pay a writer?  Fee structure for Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA)

As a business with a social conscience, International Editing Services SM donates 10% of every project and sales transaction to a charitable cause.


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