Acknowledgement for International Editing Services
Acknowledgement – for International Editing Services

My Editor

I have known Linda Wall for over 25 years.  She was taking her BA at the time.  We had a chat in passing one day and I jokingly said I’m going to write a book.  She immediately offered to edit for me.  I kept her to her word…years later mind you.

Linda Wall, BA

Handing over my poor copy to Linda for the first time was nerve-wracking for me.  The one great thing about that initial meeting with Linda was that she was interested in my story, how I designed it, organized it, the types of chapters I had developed, some of the context involved and how she was going to start.

The first edit I saw, I cried.  It looked sur-real.  I couldn’t believe she had it already designed as a manuscript.  I have trust in her with the designs and other ideas.  She has lead me through this process without changing my context of the story-line.  She has enhanced and made it more alive in areas where my mind was blank.  Linda made me dig deep for more information in my pile of notes and journals, talked me through it and made it easier.  She made my mumble jumble make sense because it was important to the story.

She was patient with me and my ability to finish.  We laughed and I cried a lot.  She has inspired me to keep writing.  I will take the challenge and write another book…

If it wasn’t for Linda and her expertise this book would not have been told in the way I wanted it told and envisioned for the reader to get in my head.

            With so much Gratitude

            Jannie Bergunder

Author of On A Wing and a Prayer

It’s so satisfying to get emails from clients saying that the work International Writing Services SM did for them met or exceeded their expectations.

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